We all know that puppies chew, exploring the world with their mouths and soothing the pains of teething.

Adult dogs chew for various reasons, they could be bored, anxious, have separation anxiety and sometimes they chew because they think it’s fun.

Here are a few tips:

  • Provide mental stimulation when walking your dog with balls or frisbees.
  • Be inventive with toys, use buffalo horns or antlers. Fill a Kong toy with kibble and add a splash of water to make it swell. Freezing the Kong will make it last even longer.
  • When you are not at home, put your dog in a ’safe room’ with some tried and tested chew toys.
  • For teething puppies, freeze a wet dishcloth to help soothe those painful gums.
  • Don’t chase your dog to reclaim your shoe, your dog may run away in fear or think that this is a new game. Rather, quietly trade with a favourite chew toy.
  • Teach your dog to drop a toy. Use a favourite chew toy and give the animal a treat every time it obeys the ‘Drop It’ command.

Finally, remember that chewing is natural behaviour. All dogs like to chew, not just puppies.

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