Fleas can pull 160,000 times their own weight, which is the same as you pulling 2679 double-deckers.

Fleas can jump 30,000 times without stopping and can reverse direction with every jump.

Fleas jump 150 times their own size, which in human terms is the same as jumping the length of a football field, or as high as the Eiffel Tower.

When a flea jumps, is accelerates 50 times faster than a space shuttle.

The biggest flea is the Beaver Flea which measures 11mm long.

Fleas even plagued dinosaurs. Fossils of two giant flea species have been found in Mongolia and China. The larger one measured over 22mm long, but more impressively, with mouthparts capable of piercing dinosaur skin. However, these flea ancestors lacked the ability to jump.

Fleas can revive themselves after being frozen for up to a year.

A flea lays between 1500-2000 eggs in their lifetime, or alternatively lay 50 eggs a day.

An adult flea lays eggs on the host animal, not on carpets or bedding.

Fleas cannot lay eggs until approximately 40 hours after their first meal. One flea can become 1000 on your pet in 21 days.

Flea larvae do not like the light so move deep into carpets and cracks in flooring. Flea pupae can live up to a year in your home.

For total flea control- spray pet bedding and kill fleas on your pet before they can lay eggs.

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